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sTracker Warranty

Suntactics solar trackers are guaranteed to be free from any and all defects in craftsmanship under normal use intended for the purpose of providing solar energy.

A few components are "Off the Shelf" parts. Meaning the parts are universal and can be obtained from many suppliers.  The overall structure of the solar tracker is a proprietary structure and is manufactured by Suntactics in San Jose California. 

Suntactics sTracker Main Structure, 10 Year Full Warranty

The sTracker is very robust, rugged and thoroughly tested to last for many years.  We guarantee any problems or failures on the main structure, actuators, and tracking control. The only components that may need servicing are the actuators and battery. The solar tracker will still operate without a battery but the battery is useful to override the tracking direction if needed. The actuator motor controls and drive battery are standard and available from many suppliers.  We have you covered and we will go out of our way to make sure your are solar tracking.


SUNTACTICS’ warranties do not apply to abuse, misused, modified, or used for anything other than normal use as authorized by the sTracker owners manual. Contact us if you think there is an improvement needed and we can assess the change.

Warranty Is Non Transferable 

The sTracker can be removed and resold but the warranty period will be null and void. 

How to receive a warranty claim

Contact Suntactics customer service via telephone: 669-279-7315, or via email at, and we will ask for a name, phone number and the nature of the problem.  

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