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sTracker Warranty

sTracker Solar Tracker Warranty

Suntactics solar trackers are guaranteed to be free from all defects in craftsmanship under normal use and intended for the purpose of providing high efficiency solar energy using solar panels.

A few components are "Off the Shelf" parts. And can be sourced from other suppliers. The overall structure of the solar tracker is a proprietary structure and is manufactured by Suntactics in San Jose California. 

Suntactics sTracker Main Structure, 10 Year Limited Warranty

The main structure comprises of the steel post and aluminum framing.

The sTracker is very robust, rugged and thoroughly tested to last for many years.  In the very unlikely event, there are any problems with the main structure, we will fix or replace any items that failed. This includes bearings, pivot pins, and other relevant items that have to do with the structure.  Modifications must be approved by Suntactics.


Suntactics sTracker Drive System Components, 5 Year Limited Warranty

The actuators, wire harness and tracking control electronics. Suntactics will replace components as necessary within a 5-year period. After the 5-year period, Suntactics will provide consultation and offer replacement parts.  


The tracking system has been engineered and thoroughly tested to move the tracker properly within the correct geometries. Modifications made with unapproved actuators are at the user’s discretion and will not be warrantied.



Although the solar tracker is very durable and robust, precautions should be taken with high winds.  The sTracker is rated for 100mph conditions.  However, depending on the situation, it might be wise to adjust the tracker panels to a flat position until high wind conditions subside. Wind sensors are available if needed.


A solid foundation should be considered. Basically, there is about 200 lbs mounted on top of a 6 foot 4” square steel post.  We have not had any issues with the current design(post) mounted on a 6’x6’ concrete slab or 24” by 4’ hole filled with concrete.


​Suntactics sTracker solar tracker warranty will be voided for abuse, misuse, unapproved modifications, or used for anything other than mounted solar panels.


Contact us if you think there is an improvement needed and we can assess the change.

For any questions, Contact Suntactics customer service via telephone: 408-316-4126, or via email at, and we will ask for a name, phone number and the nature of the problem.

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