Suntactics Solar Tracker

Suntactics "sTracker" Solar tracker 


  • Complete Solar tracking structure(Including post)

  • Mounts 4 large solar panels

  • "Ironridge x10" solar panel rails

  • Smart tracking control

  • Stainless hardware

  • Steel post

  • T-6061 Welded Aluminum Framing

  • Pre-wired simple harness

  • Lion power drive battery 

  • Waterproof Enclosure box 

  • Two heavy duty, low power, actuator drive motors 

Solar tracking control box


3 weeks lead time

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sTracker Portability Kit

Take the sTracker anywhere. It takes about 45 minutes to set up. Use sand bags or spikes to hold the tracker down. Full assembly fits into a 6 foot bed truck.

Portable Solar Tracker

Tracker mounted on portable stand.  Remotely mount solar tracking systems and place where needed. Portable power is a life saver for disaster situations, fire evacuation demands and when people need electrical power the most.  Call us for more info.

4 weeks lead time
Portable Solar Tracker


3 weeks lead time

Full installation option

Full Turnkey Installation Package - Dual Axis solar tracking system fully installed. 


  • Installations California with consultation in other states

  • 50 feet of trenching and equipment. (Depending of terrain)

  • All Plan Sets, Permits, and inspections

  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty on all equipment installed

  • 25 year warranty solar panels and inverter


We are looking for solar contractors. We can provide stamped certifications nationwide. Contact us for more info.

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