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The sTracker High Efficiency Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

The sTracker is a high efficiency, low maintenance, ground mount dual axis solar tracking system. Solar tracking directs solar panels at the sun all day long for maximum exposure. Solar absorption from dual axis tracking is proven to produce nearly 2x the solar power production compared to stationary systems. 

Suntactics dual axis tracker frame

Structural framing Made In the USA, panels not included.

Time lapse video of an sTracker following the sun at a 3 minute tracking intervals. Notice how it tilts up as the sun sets for optimized solar output.

Suntactics Solar Trackers
Solar Tracker Field

The sTracker tilts to ~60 degrees down to East and West for more power. Very few if any tilt at such low angles. 

Applications and Uses

The sTracker is perfect for property owners with some space and roof mounting is not an option. The tracker has a post mount that can be placed in pretty much all terrains. Hills and slopes included. 


Air conditioning:

Right about the time when you come home and the heat in your dwelling is at 90 degrees, most likely your power company is charging you a premium.  The solar tracker continues to produce full power into the evening. 

Pool pumps:

We have customers that have been very happy with all day power using solar tracking to run their pool pumps.  Or even a hot tub for that matter.


Charge your Electric Vehicle:

You can charge an EV with solar tracking all day long.  Electrical and fuel costs are not going down. So if you plan to buy or already own an EV, solar tracking is the way to go. 


Charge batteries with solar tracking: 

If you are totally frustrated with your power bill and have had enough. Add batteries for storage so they don't get your extra solar power.  


Complete off grid:

Batteries are the key.  Solar tracking provides constant  charging all day long.  Your batteries will be topped off for nighttime usage.  There are many options and applications with off grid and solar tracking.

Agriculture and Farming:

Running pumps, lights and fans require enormous energy.  The power produced from tracking can take up the slack and reduce energy cost dramatically. 


We offer a stand that can be used to place the solar tracker on any flat surface.  Contact us for details.

Advantages of a Dual axis Solar Track Compared to the Typical Stationary Ground Mount

The sTracker is considered a ground mount system but produces more power than the typical stationary ground mount system at near the same cost. The sTracker also reduces the amount of panels needed.  Typical ground mount racking and frames add to the cost and may require level surfaces. The modular design of the sTracker allows it to be placed on most all terrains, slopes, and surfaces.  An sTracker can quickly be errected once the base is in place using either a concrete hole/pier, a concrete pad or existing pad.  If need be, we offer stamped structural documents under $300 so you can get a permit to install.


The sTracker is engineered to withstand the most extreme environments using high strength aluminum and steel. It is manufactured with CNC machining, precision lasers and welded framing. The sTracker also includes standard Ironridge XR100 rails which makes it compatible with many standard solar panels. The control system provides accurate tracking and is configurable. Linear actuator motors provide the movement and require very little power. Actuator and control is powered with an included auxillary solar panel that attaches to the tracker.

We are Looking for Contractors and Distributors

If you are a solar contractor, we are looking for installers. We receive many inquiries for installing our solar trackers.  We will send them your way.  Contractor form
Do you want to be a distributor in California? We may be interested. Our sTrackers are manufactured in San Jose CA.  Our manufacturing facility provides high quality, and top notch solar tracking engineering and full support.

Are you a solar tracker DIYer?

The solar tracker is perfect for the DIYer.  If need be, we offer stamped structural documents under $300 so you can get a permit to install.  f you don't have any issues or concerns with getting a permit, it's up to you.  We supply the solar tracker only. Do what you want with it. No questions asked.

Solar Tracking Output Comparisons using a 1.4 KWatt array

Solar tracking output power

Example of power

The sTracker can mount up to 1.6 Kwatts of solar panels using the current panel output technology. This equates to 2.2 kWatts because of its tracking, producing 40% more solar power. For example, one single sTracker will produce over 12 kwatt/hours a day in mid to southern latitudes spring to fall.  

The Tracker Mounts Four Solar Panels

We get the question if the sTracker can mount MORE than four panels. With four panels, the solar tracker easier to work with, lighter, uses many standard parts, simple maintainence and easy to install.  Anything larger becomes more complex with high maintenance costs for failure repair.  The solution for more power is to add more Suntactics sTrackers. Simple.

Example solar farm illustration

Solar tracker farm

Multiple sTracker layout

Solar tracking system installation
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