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Liability Statement

SUNTACTICS sTrackers have been designed to perform flawlessly.  The sTracker is very safe, rugged, and has been designed to perform for many years provided you follow the installation instructions and do diligence on your abilities. Install and use at your own risk. 

SUNTACTICS is not liable for any damages if installed incorrectly as advised in the sTracker Owners manual. Modifications are fine but if you are not sure, please contact us before performing any modifications or your warranty may be voided.


SUNTACTICS is not liable for any injuries incurred during installation of the sTracker product. Use proper equipment when installing. This includes using the proper and safe tools (i.e.a stable ladder and head protection). Use of eye protection including sunglasses, and use of sunscreen or sunblock protection is recommended.  

SUNTACTICS is not liable for any injuries incurred after installation. The sTracker is not a toy. Please isolate the installed area from children or any other persons(or animal) in the vicinity of the sTracker.  Head injury could occur around the structure. 

SUNTACTICS is not liable for any acts of nature. This includes high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning or any other acts of god,

SUNTACTICS is not liable for injuries incurred from any and all electrical connections to grid or structure connection. This includes damage incurred from fire damage, damages to structures, or damages to any items near or around the sTracker,  

SUNTACTICS is not liable for any non-compliance in city, state or province. You are responsible for your installation and adhering to your local compliance rules and permitting process.

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