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Hi, my name is Dean Sala, Suntactics CEO


Suntactics, founded in 2009. We manufacture and distribute our own unique and very reliable USB solar chargers. Suntactics solar chargers are used to charge anything that can charge from a USB port. This includes all smartphones and many other USB devices.  We have since sold over 30 thousand solar chargers and we continue to receive orders everyday. 

We are now offering a new solar product called the sTracker. A simplistic solar alternative to fixed or roof systems with the added bonus of tracking.


We have learned a great deal from our customers and what they want. Energy cost relief is probably the one most important concerns we hear all the time. We have had many customers suggest we provide an easy and affordable solar solution to reduce their power bill. Long story short, we did it.

Over 5 years in the making. We are now happy to say, our sTracker solar tracking structure is professionally designed, thoroughly tested, manufactured in San Jose, CA, and now available on the marketplace.


My background: I hold multiple degrees, including computer science and electrical engineering with focus in solar engineering tech, solar battery systems and solar tracking control systems. Versed in mechanical engineering, CAD design and CNC machining. Also business minded, product deployment experienced, and still learning!


As an engineer at HP for some time, I was involved with many successful on-time product releases. With the hard times in 2008 and problems with HP, I left to pursue my original passion which is solar engineering and solar product development.


Dean Sala


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