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Suntactics Solar Tracker Features and Specifications


Solar Tracker Frame

  • Micro processor tracking control configurable

  • Low consumption drive powered from solar

  • Coated steel post 

  • Ironridge panel railings compatible with all standard solar panels

  • Durable T-6061 aluminum framing 


  • Accelerated return on investment

  • Easy reach for cleaning

  • Good air flow lowers panel temperatures for more power

  • Small footprint

  • Charges solar batteries all day long

  • Panels easily removable for hurricane prepping

  • Full customer support

Other Features

  • Professionally certified to 110 Mph winds, Snow, and Seismic

  • Warranty: 10 years

  • Worry free maintenance 

  • 26% Federal tax credit 2022

  • Semi portable, take it with you if you move

  • Full portability option

  • Manual override to flat position for high wind conditions

Every detail designed in CAD for complete accuracy and manufacturing production

Detailed Specifications

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