sTracker Solar Tracker Features and other Information


  • Micro processor tracking control

  • Low consumption drive powered from solar

  • Manual control mode

  • Pre-built assemblies

  • High efficiency micro inverters 

  • Power monitoring

  • High efficiency Mono solar panels

  • Powder coated steel post for extra longevity

  • Standard panel railings

  • Durable T-6061 aluminum framing 

  • Autonomous tracking

  • Control powered from solar

  • Battery backup tracking drive



  • Easy reach panels for cleaning

  • Good air flow lowers panel temperatures, more power

  • No need to climb on a roof or replace a roof for solar

  • Small footprint

Other Features

  • Professionally certified to 110 Mph winds, Snow, and Seismic

  • Warranty: Panels 25 years, inverters 25 years, tracker 10 years

  • Worry free maintenance (common parts)

  • 30% Federal tax credit

  • Semi portable, take it with you if you move

  • Manual override to flat position for high wind conditions

  • Panels easily removable for hurricane prepping

Smart Solar Tracking Technology

Tracking control application on Android device. Android device included.  Settings are pre-configured for easy installation but can be user changed for optimum tracking. 

Two high efficiency 600 watt micro inverters included. For complete system.

Also offered a a "Tracker-Only" system.

Solar monitor display. Panel output can also be monitored from the internet.

Every detail designed in CAD for complete accuracy and production

Solar Tracking Efficiency Explanation

Depending on the season and location, solar panel tracking can potentially increase power output efficiency to over 40% verses static roofing solar installations.

The typical electrical usage in a 3 bedroom home is about 15kWh per day.  A larger home of 2500 square feet can consume over 30kWh watts per day.  Depending on your situation, one solar tracker can reduce energy consumption by one tier on your energy bill.  In some cases, this can save up to 75% in electrical costs. Need more solar power? Add a second solar tracker as needed. This gives you flexibility if you are on a budget.

The sTracker-1 kit offers a very competitive “price per watt hour” cost: 

Solar tracking produces a substantial more amount of power vs fixed mounted panels. A non-tracking system may produce 4-6 hours of peak in power.  With tracking, you can get 8-12 hours of peak power.  

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SCORE Awarded Best in Green Technologies 

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