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The testimonials are starting to arrive!

With a swimming pool, and three teenagers in my house my electric bill had become unmanageable, and I knew I had to do something to bring my bill back under control fast. I looked at conventional solar systems, and I didn’t see the advantage of going into debt to solve my money problems, so I looked for more affordable solutions. Then I found Suntactics Solartracking System. I purchased a single, stand alone system that I was able to install myself without any problem. The Solar Tracker has brought my bill back under control in two ways, it supplements our usage, and we now get billed at a lower rate (tier). My Suntactic 1k Solar Tracking System is designed to provide ten kilowatts of power a day, however I find my system outperforms that number, and easily does eleven kilowatts to twelve kilowatts a day (and I still have some tree obstruction on my property). I can also add to my system later, lowering usage over time as my budget allows. When I call the Suntactics phone number, I always get someone at the factory and am not directed to a call center. In the process of purchasing, installing, and operating my solar system, Suntactics has had my back every step of the way. In a few years I plan to move, and the best thing about my solar system is that I can take it with me and enjoy the rewards from my investment wherever I go. If you want to own your own system, and build as you go instead of being billed as you go, then Suntactics is the system for you.


-Daniel Anderson

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