Option 1 "The Full Tracking System" 

  • 4 High efficiency Mono solar panels (25 year warranty)

  • High Efficiency micro Inverters (25 year warranty)

  • Gateway monitor display unit

  • Complete Solar tracking structure(Including post)

  • Standard Ironridge solar panel railings 

  • Smart tracking control

  • Solar tracking control App (Tablet included)

  • Stainless hardware

  • Pre-wired harness

  • Small actuator battery with solar charge controller

  • Water resistant enclosure box 

  • Two heavy duty, low power, actuator drive motors 

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Affordable, Efficient and Reliable Alternative to Stationary Solar Installations

Solar tracking increases solar output from 30-50%. The sTracker points the solar panels directly at the sun and produces full power constantly all day long. The sTracker is rugged and very reliable.  More Features

In some cases a stationary roof system may be the only choice. However, if you have some room, solar tracking is a great alternative.  The sTracker utilizes four panels. This is equivalent to about 7 fixed roof mounted panels. But take note, multiple sTrackers trackers can be chained together for more power. You can literally build a micro solar tracking farm with Suntactics sTrackers. 

Reduced Upfront Cost

Add more trackers as needed at your own pace financially. One sTracker produces over 1.2Kwatts solar output. Later, add another tracker to increase power to 2.4KWatts and so on. Payoff time with the sTracker solar tracker is quick. Payoff Time

Install Solar Yourself and Save on Installation Cost

This is also a DIY solar tracker. Place it on a 6' x 6 'x 6" cement pad or dig a cement filled hole to mount the main post. Once the post is placed, it takes only a few hours to assemble. For grid tie, you will need to provide the connection to your service box using a 20Amp, 220v breaker(per tracker). Or hire an electrician to do it. Connection is very similar to the typical roof system.

Installation options available but limited.  Call us.

30% Federal Solar Credit Approved

Note: The current administration is attempting to discontinue this incentive. And many electrical companies are trying to do away with net metering credit.  So get solar now!

Pick a Fight

Install an sTracker on your property and get a superior feeling against your electrical service. As we all know, the electrical bill continues to increase.  Stop being the victim to the payment every month. Move to the top and do yourself a favor. You have the right to produce your own energy. Many electrical companies are trying very hard to reduce or even remove the overage credits you produce from solar.  Grid tie backup batteries are a new option to divert solar credit removal in which helps you become more independent.

Solar tracking vs. Roof Mounted Installation Based on Mid to Southern Latitudes High Season

Solar tracking power(green line) starts producing near full at 8:00 AM.  Fixed solar panels(black line) starts at 11:00 AM. At 3:00 PM, the fixed panel output starts to drop. Tracking starts to drop around 7:00 PM. The fixed panels receive ~4 hours of full power. The tracking panels receive over 10 hours of full solar power.


Using PVWatts as a calculation device, average production of fixed panels are 6 KW/hours (based on the overall fixed panel curve). Average solar production with the sTracker-1K is 10 KW/hours. This is in high season about the same time you are running your AC all day. Our measurements are in real time after inefficiencies. Averages through out the full year are different. But solar tracking always wins.

If you are a still confused with what KW/hours and all this other stuff means.  Read this