High Efficiency Single and Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

The sTracker is a high efficiency ground mount solar tracking system and can be configured for either single or dual axis tracking. Solar tracking aims solar panels at the sun all day long for maximum power. Solar absorption from tracking can produce almost twice the output per day over stationary solar panel installations.  

The sTracker is a tilt type tracker. This type of tracking can tilt the panels at very steep angles to absorb maximum solar energy from sun up to sun down.

Time lapse video of an sTracker following the sun at a 3 minute tracking interval. Notice how it tilts up as the sun sets for optimized solar input.

Complete mobile solar tracking system option.  Can be towed behind a small vehicle for remote power.


The sTracker is designed and manufactured for reliability with little to no maintenance requirements.  In the field, multiple sTrackers are chained together like an army.  If in the very unlikely event one sTracker stops tracking, there is minuscule loss to the overall field.  And it takes at most 30 minutes to repair with only one maintenance person. This has a very high advantage over large solar tracking systems where as if one crashes, there is a major power loss that could last for weeks.

Applications and Uses

Extreme solar power. Agriculture and farming, extra power for HVAC, support for off grid and grid tie, AC or DC coupled systems, battery systems,electric vehicle charging.  Solar parks/farms.  The list goes on.

Advantages Over the Typical Ground Mount

The sTracker is a ground mount solar system but produces more power per square foot compared to the ground mount non-tracking/stationary system. Solar tracking also reduces the amount of panels needed.  Less panels,lower dent on manufacturing and lower cost. Typical ground mount racking and frames require even surfaces. The modular design of the sTracker makes it possible to be placed on most ALL terrains, slopes and surfaces.  An sTracker can quickly be erected once the base pad is set.  "Plug and Play". 

Commercial Applications, Contractors and Distributors

 The sTracker is very reliable and designed for commercial use.  The sTrackers are manufactured in San Jose CA.  Our manufacturing facilitates high quality throughput and top notch solar tracking engineering.  We can supply and ship in volume.  We can also assist you with your initial installations. 

Solar Tracking Output Comparisons using a 1.4 KWatt array

Return on Investment

One tracking system can produce over 12 kWatt/hours a day in mid to southern latitudes spring to fall.  Depending on your situation, payoff times can be as low as 3 years. The sTracker can mount up to 1.6 Kwatts of solar panels using the current panel output technology. This equates to 2.2 kWatts because it is tracking and produding 40% more solar power. Add more trackers for even more power.

We have crunched some of the numbers and came up with some ruff "Return on Investment" estimates for normal climates along the mid longitude areas such as San Francisco,CA and other outlying cities and suburban areas.

Here are the the results:

 A Fixed/Roof system: 5-9 years ROI.

 A Suntactics solar tracker:  3-5 ROI.

Build a Solar Farm!

We can install a complete solar tracking field for you. This includes analysis, surveys, acquiring permits, plans, placement, and everything else needed to get you up and running using high efficiency solar tracking. 


We also offer a complete storage battery system in combination with the sTracker system.  We can get you very close to off-grid power independence. Call us for more details.

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