Installing the sTracker Solar Tracker

This is an example on how to assemble the solar track on a pier.  Also recommended is placing on a 6'x6' cement pad. 

The solar tracker is made for easy assembly. All the parts fit together as a complete unit. 

Take a look at the installation manual.

Make a frame and place it over the hole.

Fill with cement, place L-bolts into wet cement using supplied template

Pier is now ready for post

Place post

Level and tighten ground nuts

Mount Axis 1 pivot members(2)

Mount panel main supports(2)

One main support attached

Main supports in place

Slide on panel railings(4)

Panel railings in place

Tip tracker and mount panel.

Continue mounting panels

Solar Tracker
Solar Tracker

System ready for tracking

Micro inverter installation

Micro inverter mounting

Two inverters installed

Backside view